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Be prepared in any case!

For an amount of only 5.- € per person (One Way) and 10.- € per person (Roundtrip) or 35.- € (One Way) and 70.- € (Roundtrip) at Private Class or 75.- € (One Way) and 150.- € (Roundtrip) at First Class transfers we insure your transfer and cover any possible transfer posting fee for you.

There will be no transfer surcharges wether in case of missed or cancelled flights nor if you change the flight date without letting us know.

You can also change your transfer at short term - until 1 minute prior to your transfer - no problem - you are insured!

You can cancel your booked transfer at any time up to 48 hours before the start of the transfer. Within 48 before the transfer, we will charge you a One Way transfer , if you have booked a railway transfer we charge 100% of the one way transfer price per person as a cancellation fee.

If you cancel your already paid transfer we will return the whole amount - provided that you booked our insurance. Without insurance you can cancel your booked transfer without cost the latest 48 hours before Transfer performance.