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Munich Airport

Our service - Munich Airport

We have counters called "Transferservice" at each of the 2 terminals at Munich Airport. This gives you the opportunity to meet your driver without having to leave the building, without having to search amongst dozens of different drivers and without having to wait in the cold outside, perhaps even standing in the pouring rain.

Our "Transferservice" desks are easy to find, and we are well known at all information desks of airport. Please find directions to our "Transferservice " desks at each terminal underneath. You will find the same direction in your voucher.


Your way to the transfer van in Terminal 1 Munich Airport:

1. Please remain in the building after you have claimed your luggage!
2. Follow the sign „Munich Airport Center“ and „S-Train“ and move one floor down on the escalator
3. In the Munich Airport Center your driver will meet you at the counter „FOUR SEASONS TRAVEL“


Your way to the transfer van in Terminal 2 Munich Airport:

After you have claimed your luggage direct yourself through the glassdoor - you will see the information just in front of you. Take a right and follow the overhead signs saying „Transferservice“, pass by the „Edeka“ Supermarket and the exchange office. After app. 40 m you will see our counter „Transferservice“ on your left. Do NOT leave the building. If the counter „Transferservice“ should be unattended please dial 92971 from the courtesty phone at the counter - you will then be connected to our counter in Terminal 1, where our staff can help you.

In case of problems call us immediately:

  1. Office Four Seasons Travel:
    92971 in Terminal 1 or 92972 in Terminal 2 (Airport courtesy phone)
  2. If the airport office is not attended:
    24h: 0043 - 512 - 584157 - our headquarter in Innsbruck