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Terms & Conditions

§1 Authorisation and Booking

A contract of carriage comes into effect upon authorising and confirming with the company „Hotelrepräsentanz und Reisen Ges.m.b.H.“ (hereinafter known as FST for Four Seasons Travel). This authorisation can be in writing, by telephone, fax, email or online. The service included and transport price is based on the relevant price list currently in effect. The entitlement to travel is valid only for the time agreed. Please ensure when booking that your arrival or departure time details match those on your flight ticket and transfer confirmation – please note also that with flights from overseas, the date of departure may not be the same as the date of arrival in Munich. FST operates based on the details supplied in the authorisation and is not responsible for any incorrect data. If the departure date is entered instead of the arrival date in error, the customer will not be entitled to transport on the date of arrival and will be required to pay again for the transfer.

§2 Amending arrival/departure times

FST is not responsible for the consequences of any incorrect details entered. Please inform us immediately of any changes to your flight arrival/departure time. Passengers are obliged to inform us of any modifications to bookings made after the order has been placed in writing or by telephone. Failure to notify us will result in the entitlement to travel being withdrawn.

For FST the information in the transfer-voucher is valid.

§3 Disruption

FST accepts no responsibility for any disruption to flight traffic. In such cases, the party responsible for the damage is liable. We will nevertheless make every effort to ensure that our passengers can be re-booked onto a later vehicle, without incurring any additional costs in case of flight delays, and as long as the passenger does not arrive on another flight with another flight number.

If you arrive with a different flight than booked with us, you must inform us at least 48 hours before arrival at Munich Airport or planned departure for your departure at Munich Airport. Short notice (up to 2 hours before arrival or departure) you can cancel free of charge if you have booked our transfer insurance - more about this in § 4.

§4 Cancellations and change of reservation.

For cancellations and rebookings within 72 hours before the start of the service, we charge 100% of the agreed price for the one-way transfer on the basic route per person. If you have booked a return trip, the cancellation or rebooking for the return transfer remains free of charge.

§5 Reservation deadlines

Reservations should be made at least 3 days before the transfer. In the event of a last minute request, we can only offer you the remaining seats available and therefore longer waiting times are to be expected.

§6 Liability

FST is not liable for the consequences of any delays (resulting from heavy traffic of traffic jams). No responsibility is accepted for the consequence of any delays caused by any slight fault on the part of the driver.

In exceptional situations such as a pilot strike or extremely poor weather conditions, we are unlikely to be able to make up for delays. In such cases, customers should expect longer waiting times.

Passengers who do not report to our counter 60 minutes after landing at the latest lose their entitlement to travel but will be re-booked onto the next possible transfer, depending on availability. Should you be detained at the airport for any reason and be unable to report to our counter within this 60 minute period, please inform us of your delay by telephone using the free company phones (92971 in Terminal 1 or 92972 in Terminal 2)

The company is not responsible for the loss of or damage to luggage, its contents, animals or items of any kind, clothing, electronic equipment and any other goods. Every passenger is obliged to hand over his or her luggage to the driver during the loading of the vehicle and to check that all luggage is present upon arrival – FST is not responsible for the loss of any luggage. 
The Four Seasons Travel vehicles are registered and insured in accordance with regulations.


We would recommend our PRIVATE TRANSFER service for our more demanding customers or customers with time constraints. Unlike our collective transfer service, individuals with an exclusive Private transfer booking are provided with their own individual transport service. 1 to 8 people can be booked under the exclusive Private transfer price. There are also no waiting times.


This transfer service combines all arrivals/departures within a 60 minute period; passengers should note that there will be a waiting time at the airport.

Upon making a reservation, customers are provided with a provisional collection time which can change depending on the route, traffic and weather conditions. These time modifications do not normally exceed 60-90 minutes. If you do not receive a phone call or a SMS from us on the day before your departure, we kindly ask you to call our office (0043-512-584157). Details of changes to collection times are presumed to have been received if the relevant information has been provided by email, answer phone or left at the hotel reception or if a SMS was sent.

You can call us after 12:00 on the day before your departure (0043-512-584157) to enquire about/confirm your collection time. 
If a driver is more than 10 minutes late collecting you from your home, PLEASE CALL OUR HEADQUARTERS!!! Only then can we ensure that any problems are put right in time.

§9 Meeting Points

Meeting point at Munich Airport is our transfer desk „Four Seasons Travel - Transferservice“ in the Munich Airport Center. Please find directions to this counter on our homepage as well as in your voucher. In all other airports your chauffeur will be waiting for you with a name sign in the arrival area

§10 Luggage

FST is not liable for pieces of luggage, their contents, for animals and articles of any kind, electronic devices and for various goods and commodities. Likewise, FST is not liable for any damage to your luggage that occurs during loading or unloading or during the journey.
Transatlantic baggage regulations apply - baggage in excess of this must be declared and will be charged as cargo.
Bicycles or ski bags (filled with 1 pair of skis) or snowboard bags (filled with 1 snowboard) are subject to an additional charge - Bicycles must be packed in the transport box/case with the front wheel removed and must be pre-registered.

§11 Discounts

Children up to the age of 14 travel with us with a discount. These discounts apply only to our basic route Innsbruck - Munich.
Children's discounts apply only when accompanied by parents - not for groups of children! - Maximum 2 children per full payer.

§12 At the Airport

The procedure at the airport is detailed on your voucher and at our website www.airport-transfer.com – you can also find all the telephone numbers, price lists and addresses you will need here.

§12 Miscellaneous

FST is under no obligation to accept any transport order. The service and transport price are based on the price list currently in use. Passengers are entitled to transportation at the agreed time only. Customers are obliged to inform the FST headquarters in writing of any complaints they may have without delay and at the latest by 1 week after completion of the journey forming part of the service.

Your Four Seasons Travel-Team wish you a pleasant journey.